DARPA Opens Up SDR Hackfest

Outstanding news via DARPA’s Outreach Coordinator, detailing the upcoming DARPA SDR Hackfest. The key acronym here is SDR, which represents Software Defined Radio. DARPA has published a Special Notice (DARPA-SN-17-40) on FBO.gov with information about the workshop/hackfest along with registration information. Enjoy

“Throughout May — as a buildup to a final event in November, the DARPA Bay Area Hackfest — Rondeau will continue his roadshow, which will include hyperlocal visits to small hacker and maker spaces as well as high-profile keynote addresses to the SDR community. On May 9, 10, 11, and 12, respectively, he will visit maker and hacker spaces in Niwot, Colorado; Vista, California; Austin, Texas; and Santa Clara, California.” – via DARPA


from DARPA Opens Up SDR Hackfest


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